Come to Bhutan, the most exclusive destination on earth

Bhutan possess friendly people, pristine natural environment and rich cultural heritage

Bhutan Travel is a mystical journey into the Land of Thunder Dragon

Explore the place that has not been discovered by the masses yet and modernism has not touched its root.Roughly the size of Switzerland, wedged between China and India, Bhutan is inhabited by remarkably friendly people. A country devoid of skyscrapers, shopping arcades, Mcdonalds, entertainment meccas and traffic lights make a perfect place of sojourn for the tired metropolitan minds.Bhutan has long been sequestered from the rest of the world for centuries. its rich heritage, pristine environment and stunning way of life makes one of the most exclusive and sought-after destinations on the earth. Visit to experience the charm and magic of world’s mysterious country-the ‘last shangri-la’.


  • 19 Days | 18 Nights
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  • 11 Days | 10 Nights
  • 15 Days | 14 Nights
dagala trek
  • 9 Days | 8 Nights

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Mingling with Locals

Bhutan has very humble and friendly people enforcing Buddhist values in their everyday lives. Carrying the mentality that sharing is caring, you will be greeted with open hearts and warm smiles.

Pristine Environment

Environmental Conservation as one of the pillars in GNH has made it mandatory for 70% of Bhutanese land to remain forested. With a carbon negative footprint Bhutan holds bio-divers nature and unique wildlife

Urban Experience

You must spend at least a day in Thimphu and Paro to get a taste of Bhutan’s urban lifestyle. ‘Café hopping’ is the new trend in these cities. Many Bhutanese are seen going out to try a new drink or a new delicacy on the menu.


The colourful prayer flags hoisted in almost every mountain top, holy place and even outside one’s home are believed to bless all sentient beings with long life, prosperity, happiness and karmic merit.

Art and Architecture

Bhutanese traditional art and architecture is hard not to notice. They are unique, highly decorative and ornamental. The Bhutanese architectural grandeur is is exhibited in the form of Dzongs, monasteries, temples, chortens, bridges and traditional Bhutanese houses.


With the country’s pristine air and mountainous terrain offering a fascinating adventure, Bhutan is said to be the best for mountain biking enthusiasts. The route along Bhutan’s west-east highway is an exciting one with challenging of battling a new pass over 3000 meters every day.



The 4-hour uphill hike above Thimphu mesmerizes you with views of Thimphu Valley and himalayan peaks


The Hike to Floating Goddess passes against the Pachu River and through scattered hamlets and countryside.


A must-do hike in Punakha. Trail passes through beautiful farmhouses along the turquoise coloured Punakha River.

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