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Bhutan is much more than just trekking in the Himalayas and delivering mountain views. Bhutan offers some of the best terrains for mountain biking and rafting. You can bike on the tarmac road or rugged mountain routes with views of scenic valleys and plenty of fresh air. Rafting in Punakha is even popular among the locals. It is an exhilarating experience rafting through the picturesque valley of Punakha. Owing to its stringent environmental protection law, Bhutan holds one of the last untouched forests in the entire Himalaya. Not only is Bhutan carbon neutral, but it is carbon negative meaning it absorbs more carbon than it emits. The rich and abundant forest is ablaze with diverse flora and fauna, wildlife, and birds. A haven for bird watching, botany, and photography. Mountain biking, rafting, and special interest tours are other best ways to discover Bhutan. 


1. How difficult are cycling tours?

Most biking trips go through well-paved roads. The traffic in Bhutan is still relatively light, and you will be biking through valleys making the experience very intimate. The more adventurous can make side excursions from the tarmac road for more “off-the-road” ventures. Off-road biking is challenging, going through mountain trails, dirt roads, and rocky trails.  

2. How can I prepare for a cycling holiday?

It’s probably best to spend some time in the saddle before you set off for your cycling holiday – how much time will depend on the biking trip you have chosen and its grade. 

The bike rental companies in Bhutan have good bikes, and they will even make adjustments to fit you. The bike hire costs an extra US$35 per day.  If you wish, you may also bring your own bike for your cycling holiday.

The ‘Tour of the Dragon’ race covers 255 kilometers and crosses over 4 mountain passes in a day; it is the toughest one-day mountain bike race in the world. An extremely challenging ultra-marathon mountain bike race on tarmac road. 

Yes. Soft adventures such as biking and rafting are not included in the tour cost. You will have to bear the charges for the bike hire and the rafting service. Prices vary according to the rafting service provider and the seasons. Please inquire about the cost. You can either pay us or directly to the service provider.
Read Bhutan travel cost to have a better idea of what is included and not included for the $250 USD you pay.