How to apply Bhutan Visa

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Bhutanese tourists Visa unlike other countries is not stamped on arrival at airport. Embassies abroad cannot grant it either. But it must be arranged through local tour companies.

It’s the standing regulations of the government of Bhutan, a policy geared towards achieving “high value and low volume”, the most covertly sound tourism philosophy in south east Asia. Four and a half decades old philosophy can be recalled to the coronation of 4th king of Bhutan when he was declared as the fought king of Bhutan after an untimely demise of his father. During the coronation of 4th king in 1974, one of the 84th first visitors of the country, supposedly an American advised government of Bhutan to levy high tariff for the people who would visit the country. Visitor’s tariff is set and regulated by the government of Bhutan.

The regulation mandate visitors to make full advance payment prior to their travel to Bhutan. Once the operator receives full payment, they process visa with a government through a single window online system. Tourism Council would endorse your visa and ultimately Immigration Department clears your visas. Your e-Visa clearance is a letter stating that the visa is being approved. It’s a page with a government insignia holding details of individual travelers with names, dates, flights, passport number and route that would be used for tour.

The operator would then send this e-Visa clearance letter to you before you begin your journey. You are required to carry this with you to be shown at the airport from where you board your flight to Bhutan. It can be carried either in hard copy or electronically in your phone. You will not be allowed to board your flight without this e-Visa clearance letter. Your actual Bhutanese Visa will be stamped on your passport on arrival at Paro international airports on strength of this letter.


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