How much does it cost to travel Bhutan

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Reading Time : 7 minutes

At times it may be absurd to ask how much would it cost for coming to Bhutan for it would totally depend on kind of service you would want. Although minimum set tariff to Bhutan is set as US $250, it will depend on what you want and subsidiary service you use.   Main service components include – type of hotels, car, guide service and sights you wish to see.  At times season you travel would also factor your cost.  There would be additional cost for subsidiary services you use like rafting, mountain biking, hot stone bath and other special interests trips.

Hotel accommodations would greatly influence your price too.  There are great variety of hotel choices in Bhutan – from simple farmhouse lodges, family run lodges, three to five star luxury hotels.

If you wish to use basic three star hotel accommodation, Korean SUVs, English speaking guide, three meals be it self catering or buffet hotel meals, tea and coffee, and sightseeings it would cost US $200-250 per night.  However five star or luxury hotel may cost from US $500 to even as high as US $1000 per night.  Aman Kora and Six Senses may cost you even higher.  Given here are some links to luxury hotels in Bhutan:

  1. Aman Kora Resort
  2. Uma Hotel
  3. Hotel Zhiwaling, Paro
  4. Le Meridian River Front Paro
  5. Le Meridian, Thimphu
  6. Terma Linca Resort, Thimphu
  7. Taj Tashi, Thimphu
  8. Norkhill Boutique, Thimphu
  9. Dusit2, Thimphu
  10. Six Senses

Your main trip account would be followed by other expenses such as – leisure, drinks and beverages, laundry, souvenir shopping,  tipping and miscellaneous.  Let us be as accurate as possible:  leisure, drinks/beverages and laundry – US $100, souvenir shopping – US $100 (if you buy antiques it would be as high as US $500-1000  or even much more), tipping US $350 for guide and driver, and another US $80 for miscellaneous.   Its our estimate and its upto you how much you like to spend.


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