in Bhutan

750 & more species with 26 threatened birds

Bhutan a Bird-Watcher's Paradise

Bhutan has 70% forest coverage which translates to a literal paradise for birding and infinite avian delights.

Bhutan has more than 750 recorded species of birds, of which 14 are globally endangered. The country’s diverse flora and fauna make it a prime destination for those interested in bird watching, ethno-botany, photography, and other academic pursuits. Bhutan Travelers offers customized trips to delve deeper and explore these fields professionally. With our expert guides and specialized packages, you will be getting the best out of Bhutan.

Red-headed trogon

Lateral Bhutan Birding



3 - 23 March

21D / 20N

4-18 pax

Experience 21 days birding trip led by our experienced guide. Taking a trans Bhutan trip starting
south east Samdrup Jongkhar to central and eventually finishing in the western part of Bhutan, you will traverse elevations from 150m up to 3890m exploring varied habitats and avifauna. You may also see some mammals such as endemic golden langur, himalayan giant squirrel, yellow-throated marten, and himalayan goral.

Black-Necked Crane Festival


4-18 pax

18D / 17N

6 - 23 Nov


This fall birding tour is the perfect opportunity to experience the Black-necked Crane festival in the Phobjikha Valley. This wetland is the largest and most favoured wintering habitat of the Black-necked Cranes that migrate from Tibetan plateaus to escape harsh winters. With glimpse of these cranes, we begin our birding journey to central Bhutan and then to the east – the birding hot-spot of Bhutan. In our 500km stretch we see many bird species – some rare, critically threatened and some common flocks. Besides we also see some animals and amazing sights of Bhutan. Don’t miss out this extraordinary experience!

The Great Hornbill Tour



5 - 20 May

16D / 15N

4-18 pax

Embark on an incredible 16-day bird-watching tour to Bhutan. Traverse nine districts and explore the most diverse, rich, and least explored forests ranging in elevation from 150m up to 3890m. Starting off from west, to the sub-tropical and tropical forests of south we come across two species of hornbills – the great and rufous-necked hornbill along with many other species. We then scour to eastern Bhutan where each day will be filled with exciting discoveries, from spectacular views of vegetation, to encountering rare and many sough-after species.