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Why Bhutan makes perfect wellness destination?

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Wellness is a state where our mental and physical health are thriving in equilibrium. It is not just the mere absence of disease. A great care has been given to curate and create your holistic wellness-driven tour programmes. Besides spa and wellness facilities such as sauna, gym and special treatment of pressure point massages, we employ ‘sowa rigpa’, a century-old traditional healing system which was practiced predominantly in the Himalayas. This unique healing system uses therapy and relaxing techniques to nurture our physical and mental health. Traditional herbal baths, massage therapies and ‘sowa lhuejong’ or yoga, can bring substantive tranquillity to our body, reaching ultimate relaxation.

Since the mind is a primary agent that influences our psychological and mental health, we also provide you a spiritual experience through meditation practice and profound Buddhist teachings.
Bhutan’s serene natural beauty, abundance of medicinal herbs and practices, peaceful and tranquil atmosphere makes Bhutan one of the most sought-after wellness destinations on earth.

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Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary

Those who are looking for a truly spiritual experience are sure to find that Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary is the perfect place to stay.  Set in a remote location of Paro Valley and built in the style of a traditional Bhutanese fortress, the Sanctuary offers stunning views of villages and surrounding monasteries. Plus, guests will be warmly welcomed and provided with personalized touches from the people who treat you with wellness services,

like private consultations with traditional medicine doctors, herb-based treatments, yoga and meditation. As a part of holistic wellness approach, we also take care of your enogastronomic needs.  The Sanctuary has his own greenhouse, herb-garden and apple orchard.  The Sanctuary staff cultivates herbs, vegetables and fruits and finds its way into your table as a nutritiously organic menus.

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Terma Linca Resort & Spa

Terma Linca Resort and Spa is located just at the outskirt of Bhutan’s capital of Thimphu.  A premium vacation destination offers a great views, a serene environment, and an experience of a lifetime for visitors.  Standing on the bank of the Wangchu River, it showcases local architecture and Bhutanese charm.

The natural beauty of the river that is winding past the resort, creates a natural soundtrack that further stimulates your natural energy while contemplating on a morning sun.  Stunning landscape surrounding the resort and peaceful and serene atmosphere makes an ideal spot for those seeking to savour wellness experience.

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Wellness and Spiritual Guide


Wellness and Spiritual Guide

Karma Tashi

Karma Tashi is an incredible wellness and spiritual guide who has dedicated his life mentoring, inspiring and educating students.  He enjoys exploring and sharing his love for outdoors. He also takes pride in his ability to explain and share about his country.

While moving on with life, Karma became increasingly dissatisfied with the mundane world and he wanted to find out something deeper – that is what made Karma to embark on Buddhism.  At the age of 42, Karma has started studying and practicing Buddhism diligently under qualified masters.  After taking sequence of preliminary practices, he practiced shamatha and vipassana meditations.  Karma has vast admiration for Dzongchen and tantric practice of ‘chod’. 

In response to the increasing emotional pains of our time, Karma conducted extensive research to create a life-enriching experience to bring balance to an individual’s psychophysical state. With this knowledge, he has created a Wellness and Spiritual package that is sure to enrich the lives of any individual.


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Bhutan scores 9 out of 10, in Wellness tourism and the components of its offer system, a research carried out by Mauro Dini and Tonino Pencarelli in 2020, published by Emerald Publishing